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6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business

Everything we do at the Society for Creative Founders is rooted in the Six Pillars of a Successful Creative Business: Your Core, Your Client, Your Brand, Your Money, Your Call, and Your Plan.
This Guide is designed to help you no matter where you are in your creative founder journey. You may be defining some of these things for the first time, or you may be refining your understanding of something you’ve thought about in the past. But either way, there’s something here for you!

  • 18-page free guide to help you refine your creative business
  • Introduction to all 6 Pillars and why they are important
  • 8 new and free worksheets
  • Accountability emails to help you dive deeper into each pillar

Plus, a free webinar recording on the 6 Pillars!


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Why are these 6 Pillars so important?

A well-built home needs a solid foundation, and the same is true for your business. These are the 6 things we found, after coaching hundreds of creative business owners, are vital to your success. 

  • Your Core: While the foundation of your home is made up of physical materials, your business foundation is built on something less tangible but still just as important: you.
    Discover the best and most true version of yourself and then use it to build a solid business foundation. 
  • Your Client: Understand your ideal client in a real and meaningful way to create a solid base of knowledge from which you can create products, services and other offerings to bring you the sales and results you want. 
  • Your Brand: Step away from your business and take a look at the visual elements that are present in your life, so you can really start to figure out what you’re drawn to in a deeper way—things that represent your signature style rather than passing trends. 
  • Your Money: All too often, creatives end up feeling ashamed when we think about money, especially when friends and family talk about the work we do like it’s a hobby, not a business. You will gain more confidence to show ourselves and others in our lives that we’re running a creative business, not just messing around.
  • Your Marketing: Better understand what you have to offer and then find ways to drive traffic, interest, and revenue in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y or sleazy—but instead makes you feel like a true creative founder.
  • Your Plan: It’s way too easy to get overwhelmed and end up flying by the seat of your pants—being reactive rather than proactive—which we all know is a pretty bad feeling. So we'll help you pull together your ideas and dreams and all the things you need to do in a way that allows you to take concrete action.

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About the Founder of SCF, Jennifer Faught

I’m Jennifer Faught, the founder of the Creative Founders. I got my start in marketing for the healthcare and tech worlds, and then started my own wedding-invitation design business in 2008. I kept working my day job for three years as I grew my business, and finally in 2011, my side hustle became my full-time thing.

But while I loved the work, I felt lost. Alone. Like I couldn’t ask questions of the people who could help me—because I thought they were my competition. My friends thought I did laundry and played on the computer all day. No one got what I was trying to build.

In 2012, I showed up at the conference as an attendee with my guard up, thinking I needed to impress my competition. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead of competitors, I met twenty other inspiring, welcoming, incredibly smart businesswomen who answered any questions I had without making me feel stupid or naïve, and who still get me to this day.

That conference changed my entire business experience, so when I was offered the chance to purchase the business, I took the leap. I planned my first conference in 2014, and the rest is history. And now, I want to welcome even more women into this incredibly supportive community, where a tightknit group of women support other women in business and beyond!

But no matter where you begin, we’re here to help you find the tools and support you need to grow your business like a Founder, so I developed the 6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business, which you can walk through in this free guide, but also more in depth at the Creative Founders Conference, Course, or Intensive.