The Creative Founders Intensive 

A 4-month coaching & masterminding program.

The Intensive is an small group coaching program with small group guidance with focused attention on your business with monthly group calls, mastermind groups, and an online course. It’s designed to help you be disciplined, find clarity, and develop and execute a plan to reach the goals. 

It’s not always easy to grow your business like you've envisioned.

You want the time and energy you spend on your business to be focused and productive—so you can get back to your dog, your kids, your friends, your life.

Instead, you end up spending a lot of effort piecing together a series of courses, communities, Facebook groups, and coaches that you hope will help move your business forward. 

But they don’t always pay off—and even when they do, you still have to spend time looking for the next right step to take. So you end up feeling like a hit-or-miss detective. And I want to change that. 

The Details

Small Accountability Groups

You'll be placed in a mastermind group with 2-3 other people like you, with a 1 hour call each week to discuss the outcomes of your work and dive deep into each business. 

Group Forum

Your small group will have a private online forum to further your treaining and connections. You’ll also have access to a bit larger curated group in addition to your small group. 

Virtual Course

Get lifetime access to over 60 worksheets and videos that walk you through the 6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business, which will be the foundation of this intentsive coaching program.

What Graduates Are Saying About The Intensive...

Stephanie Turner,
Duffy Design Co.

"I loved that the course was broken down in modules that were discussed weekly along with the homework. It made it feel like I was in a real class and not just another webinar. It provided accountability, structure and outlined in detail the course work and discussions. Working through each week's homework forced you to plan, edit and dream in your business in a way that no other source was able to do for me. Writing down goals and making a plan is what makes the dream attainable. I can't pick just one thing I liked, but I will say that the interactive community was so helpful and inspiring.

I wondered if I was ready to take my business to the next level and I worried that I was farther behind the other classmates than I predicted. I discovered I am ready and I can do this. Jennifer is a great cheerleader and she's great at making you feel capable.

If you have even a seed of a dream, the Intensive is the place to cultivate it and watch it grow. If you work the program, there is no way your business won't grow, it's impossible. I thought I knew what it would take to grow my business, but I can humbly admit, that without this course, I would be so much further behind. I already love to design and I know how to do it. But, I needed clear and concise plans to focus on marketing, finances, branding and vision casting. I can't say enough about where this course took me and I'm recommending it to anyone who is wanting to grow their business."

Andie Hemmersmeier, 
A.M. Paperie

"The Intensive program provided me with the structure that I really needed to sit down and figure out what my business is all about. My educational background is in psychology, and I never took a business course in my life! To have Jennifer guide me through finding my core values, defining my ideal client, strategies for marketing, and really laying down a solid foundation for my small business was amazing! I'm sure as I move forward and put what I have learned into practice I will see my investment in this course returned in spades. I'm so excited to see just how far I am able to push myself and my business now that I have completed this course.

I would absolutely recommend The Intensive to others. Business experience or not, I think there's something to be gained for everyone from going through this course. This course was everything I needed and more to really get my business up and running. Jennifer helped to take me from just a bunch of dreams without real plans, to clearly laid out business goals that align with my values and my ideal client. I can't even begin to express how amazing her expertise is! 

If you even have a teeny, tiny thought in your head about wanting to do The Intensive...just do it! It was great for me as a new small business owner. I'm excited to revisit the course materials in the future as I continue this journey to continue to develop and perfect my business."


Carrie Postma,
Codex Planner

"I walked into this program having 10+ years of business experience and was concerned that the program would be a lot of repetition or surface coverage of business tactics. Those fears were squashed on Day 1! Jennifer's approach to the program allowed me to dig into my business practices and fine tune them with her well-planned approach to a creative business. I learned new concepts and ideas with every homework assignment.

The Intensive program gave me a solid foundation for running my creative business. I had never participated in any business courses or groups of this nature simply because they never seemed to align with my creative business needs. The Intensive is set-up for creative minded people who approach their business differently. The Intensive gave me accountability to work hard on establishing my products and company in a way that reflects my core values, style and business mindset.

I would recommend the Intensive program to any creative entrepreneur who needs a solid approach to their business. The program allows you to seek out your weaknesses and strengths to discover ways they can coexist in your business. The program not only provides business knowledge but, a group of people investing in you and your business which is priceless. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking more purpose, structure and intention for themselves and their business."

From Jennifer...

I’m tired of seeing women in our community cobble together training or purchase loads of courses and classes only to never finish or implement them.

I’m tired of seeing us all post questions in free Facebook groups and get blanket and empty responses from people who couldn’t possibly know your business well enough to give solid advice that actually applies to you.

I’m sick of watching great designers with loads of talent get trampled over by the “over night success” creating non-original work with 20,000 bandwagon Instagram followers. 

It sucks. And I want to help. I believe your business needs both a supportive community and a strong foundation to grow—and I think they work best together.

The Intensive is a high-level mastermind where we spend 18 weeks working in small mastermind groups with guided training, support, and advice from someone who actually knows your business (that's me!). It’s a program that is customized to fit the needs of your individual business and growth strategy.

I want to welcome even more women into this incredibly supportive community, where a tightknit group of women support other women in business and beyond! I would love for you to join me, and 12 other women, for the Intensive coaching and mastermind program. 

Jennifer Faught
Founder // Creative Business Growth Strategist

The Format 

• The program is 18 weeks, or about 4 months, starting the week of March 27.

• For stationers, illustrators, gift shop owners, and designers looking to uplevel their business. 

• We’ll work through the 6 Pillars of a Successful Creative Business process via my online portal.

• Each week, we’ll have a 1-2 hour accountability group mastermind video call to discuss the outcomes of your work and dive deep into each business. We can talk about anything you want on these calls.

• Your accountability group will have a private, online forum, and you'll also have access to all 12 participants. 

The Intensive is designed to help you be accountable and disciplined, help you find clarity about what you need to work on in your business right now and then develop and execute a plan to reach the goals we uncover.

The guided training, support, and advice will come from people who actually know your business. It’s a program that is customized to fit the needs of your individual business. 

If you have a project you are working through, or are looking for more accountablity than a self-paced course will bring you, this is the place for you.

This is the program you've been looking for.

Think this program is a good fit for you?

The program will begin in March 27, 2017. It’s open to 12 people and the investment is $2000 (or 1 payment due upon registration with 4 subsequent payments of $400 in April, May, June, and July). For the 18 weeks of masterminding, access to the Creative Founders Course, the time spent via email and in the small and large group forums. This program is worth over $6500 with lifetime access.

Applications open February 2017. Acceptance letters will be delivered by March 1.