Our 2018 Conference will be April 15-18, 2018 in Pensacola, Florida. Registration Opens on October 18th!


Society for Creative Founders Conference - 2017 Event at the Lee House


Society for Creative Founders Conference - 2017 Lee House Pensacola
Society for Creative Founders Conference - 2018 registration opens soon!

The Society for Creative Founders Conference (formerly Stationery Academy) is a retreat-like creative conference experience that happens over three and a half days, and is designed to re-focus and re-energize your business goals within a community of like-minded creatives. This all-inclusive experience will help you find clarity in the dreams you have and guidance from our experts and your peers with an on-going, elite community.

This is our eleventh event, and we know you will gain the knowledge, tools, and assistance needed to bring your business to the next level. We're heading back for the third year in a row to the beautiful Lee House in Pensacola, Florida. This location is absolutely perfect for this experience, and we want you to walk in feeling like you're right at home!  

We walk you through our proven process to build a plan for your business. You leave with written goals and exactly how to reach them instead of a to-do list. This is for makers, artists, designers, illustrators, calligraphers, hand-letterers, fine artists, anyone creating their own product to sell and graphic designers, branders,and website designers. 

Each all-inclusive day is packed with information, worksheets, breakout groups, demos and topics to take your creative business to the next level. We have designed this conference around our Six Pillars to build your business on a strong foundation. Topics include Your Core, Your Client, Your Brand, Your Money, Your Call, and Your Plan.

We bring in incredible speakers who are well-versed in their areas of expertise, who stay on-site with you all week. They are there to help and support you, and you will have time to focus on your specific needs within your business while having us here to guide you.

Our conference isn't filled with fluff. You'll leave with game-changing knowledge to run your business with clarity, strategy, & action, so you can build a living off your business and on your terms. 

Due to seats being limited to only 20 women, we generally sell out quickly for our conference. If this is the year you want to attend, register early!  

Society for Creative Founders Conference - 2018 Registration opens soon!
Society for Creative Founders Conference - 2018 Conference Opens soon!


Society for Creative Founders Conference

The Society for Creative Founders Conference is a retreat-like event, limited to just 20 attendees. This creative conference is for any kind of designer who is selling custom design or private label products of their own. It's a perfect blend of learning and community - and we believe those two things work best when they are hand-in-hand. 

We hope to see you in Pensacola on April 15th. This conference experience will change your business and your mindset in more ways than you can count.

Is our 2018 Conference Right for You? Join us on October 16th at 8pm

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Attend our free Webinar on October 16th.

We know you have questions, and we would love to answer them for you. Join us for a free Webinar on October 16th, where we will answer some common questions and share more details. A recording will be provided, but (hint, hint) there *may* be an incentive included when you join us LIVE! 

Would you like to be a Speaker? Apply now!  

B is for Bonnie Design - Society for Creative Founders Speakers

Our speakers are known for being AMAZING.  

 Our conference is for makers, artists, and designers and we prefer for our speakers to have at least 3 years experience in running their own business and be well-versed in private label products (those who are selling their original designs as a product) or offer services within your business specifically for creative entrepreneurs. If you have experience in retail and/or wholesale, licensing, custom services, or online retail via an online shop, Etsy, or Amazon Handmade, we highly encourage you to apply.

We are looking for creative business owners who have confidence and experience in identifying your core values, ideal clients, business branding, marketing, money organization, and/or business planning.

We expect speakers to be overly prepared, provide useable takeaways, present engaging discussions, provide slides, create and use engaging worksheets, and show up ready to participate in full. The more you pour into the attendees during the conference, the more they (and you!) will get out of this experience. Applications are currently open until October 16th

For more details and to apply, visit the link below.  

All Images shown are from our 2017 Conference, photographed by Aislinn Kate Photography.