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Kristin Wilson's Archive

Marketing for your Creative Business
Filed under: Conference, Guest Post, Your Marketing

  I don’t think there is an award for this — but this will be my fourth conference with the Society of Creative Founders! I feel pretty special to be returning again and sharing my love and expertise for marketing your creative business. A lifelong learner, I can’t think of a better way to better yourself and your business than attending conference and retreat experiences such as this one! When I started my stationery and wedding businesses in 2007, I intentionally sought out educational workshops and conferences. I knew that they held powerful insights and knowledge, not to mention the key to new networking and referral possibilities—so I signed up for as many as I could within my business budget. That meant I went to some absolutely amazing ones as well as a few that had room for improvement. The Creative Founders Conference, I can assure you, is a top…

A Note from Kristin as we Begin 2018
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Community, Conference, News

Hi everyone, and happy New Year! I wanted to start off the year with a short note from me to all of you.  The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, and it’s really hard to believe that it has only been four months since our Announcement, isn’t it?!  In this time, a lot of changes have taken place, some which have been visible, others which have been hours upon hours of work behind the scenes learning the ins and outs of how this business is set up.   And most importantly, you have been at the forefront for every single decision that has been made for Creative Founders moving forward. It is incredibly important to me that when you spend time with us, whether if it’s on our website reading a blog post, interacting with us on social media, attending our Conference or a webinar or…

Do you want a successful creative business? Focus on your Core!
Filed under: Conference, Your Core

I hear it from creative business owners over and over again: “My industry is saturated- I feel like just one of many people who do what I do.” “I don’t stand out in a way that’s memorable.” “My work is good but I’m having trouble finding clients.” “I feel like I’m doing EVERYTHING with no real purpose or plan.” “I started this business because I love my craft- but now I feel drained.” The truth is, solving these all-too-common woes requires stepping back to examine the foundation you’ve built your business on. At the Society for Creative Founders, we call this your CORE...and knowing (and loving) your core is absolutely essential for building a successful and profitable creative brand. Which is why we’ll be diving in deeply to this topic at the 2018 Creative Founders Conference. But I’ll let you in on a secret now… What makes your business better…

Planning for a Bridal Expo … A Comprehensive List of Things to Consider
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Your Brand, Your Plan

As a wedding stationer, planning for a Bridal Expo can be overwhelming, as there is a lot to consider. We're here today to help with all of that!  With the holidays here, while most of us are thinking about year-end plans, beginning to finalize our plans for 2018, and planning to take some much-needed rest away, there is also something just around the corner for those in the wedding business.  The season of Bridal Expos will be upon us before we know it, and it normally tends to . This post today was written specifically for Wedding Stationers, but it can be applied to a variety of different businesses as well. We didn't want to wait until January to write this post because if you are planning for a Bridal Expo that is the first weekend in January, sometimes due to holiday shipping schedules, you may need to give some…