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Six Ways to Enhance your Client Experience
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Your Client

How can you enhance your client experience today? We have six suggestions to help you, whether you are a service provider or product seller.   When it comes to your client experience, this is such an incredible way to change things for the people who purchase from you or spend time with you as you are designing something for them.  Whether you are a product seller or a service provider you can make such a tremendous difference in the way that an experience can be created from working with you. Client Experience is all about surprising and delighting your customers and clients all along the way, and below we have a few suggestions to help you get started in improving this for your business.     I often think of this moment with Cara from One Swell Studio  from one of our 2016 Conference Breakouts.  If you had a choice…

How to use Instagram Polls for your Creative Business
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Your Marketing

Yes!  You can now run Instagram Polls through the Stories function of Instagram!     I have to admit, I got pretty excited when I saw this pop up under the "new" button for Instagram Stories.   (if you want to see our current poll, visit us on Instagram here!) When Instagram Polls came about, I knew that it would be something amazing and just might be shouting my excitement from the rooftop of my office! The way that polls work are pretty straightforward. Open up the stories section of your Instagram, add a background or a photo, and then swipe up to reveal the "stickers" where you'll see an option for "Poll". You then ask a question and set up two options with short captions where people can tap to vote, and then they can instantly see the results after. There are SO many ways you can use Instagram Polls by using this function,…

Creating an Instagram Grid – Our Experience
Filed under: 6 Pillars

To Grid or Not to Grid? Our Experience from creating an Instagram Grid. The quintessential, "perfect" Instagram grid.  When you hear this phrase, what comes to mind? Excitement? Frustration?  A desire to try it for yourself?  A few weeks ago, we decided to create an intricate but easily flowing grid for our Instagram.  We did an experiment for 30 days, and wanted to share our results with you below to help you think about what’s truly important for your own business.  We would love to hear what you think about it from our experience, so after reading, please share your thoughts with us on in the comments below!     In thinking about creating a grid that looked like this, it began because I wanted to adapt our Instagram in the overall look while having it planned out so that I could focus more on the back-end of running our…

Is the Society for Creative Founders Conference Right for You?
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Conference

Yesterday, we announced that our 2018 Society for Creative Founders Conference will be taking place from April 15-18, 2018.  We know that you probably have a lot of questions, so we have you covered! Join us for a free webinar on Monday, October 16th at 8:00pm CST. We'll answer these popular questions about our Conference, along with many others: This is a big investment for me.  How do I know if it's a good fit for where I am in my business right now? I've just started my business.  Is this for people who've been in business for a while? (or) I've been in business for a while, is this a level 101 conference? What's included and how does it compare to the other creative conferences? Why do you assign roommates? I'm not sure I want to share a room with a stranger. This seems like a lot of fluff…