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18 Questions for a Creative Business to Ponder after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday
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  Hey, happy Monday!  How are you feeling today? If you are a maker, an artist, or a designer, and you had an offer or sales for this weekend, how did it go? The answer to that question may go one of two ways.  It may go positively, like “oh my goodness, this was our best year yet! It was so busy, it had such a great response, and it was worth all of that hard work to put everything into place! Our phones were cha-chinging like crazy!" Or, it may be experiencing the opposite emotions.  You may catch yourself thinking or saying, “well, it wasn’t so great.  I didn’t get nearly as many orders as I was hoping for.  I found myself working last minute, wishing I had done things differently, or flying by the seat of my pants, frazzled and thinking “why isn’t this working?!” with nothing but…

The 2018 Creative Founders Conference, Speakers and Sessions!
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Conference, Your Brand, Your Client, Your Core, Your Marketing, Your Money, Your Plan

Hi, happy Tuesday!  I am so excited to be sharing this post with you today - we revealed our Speakers and Sessions for our 2018 Creative Founders Conference last week and the response has been incredible! This was one of the hardest things to do this year, and we actually have eight (yes, eight!) speakers for you this year.  Every single person is an expert in their field and is well-versed in many different areas of business for makers, artists, and designers.  For more details, keep reading below!   Teaching the Your Core Session for our 2018 Creative Founders Conference and leading us off will be Suzi Istvan of Splendidly Curious.  Suzi is actually one of our 2016 Alumni, and it has been incredible seeing what she has done since she joined us just two short years ago.   Suzi will cover: - Dig deeply into your history to see how…

The 2017 Creative Founders Conference, Day 2 Recap!
Filed under: Conference, Your Brand, Your Money

A look back at our 2017 Creative Founders Conference... In early March of 2017, 20 women walked through the doors of the Lee House for our 2017 Creative Founders Conference.  They were excited, nervous, and walked in knowing that so many things for their business were about to change. The next four days that transpired were some of the most memorable for the year, and it has been incredible to see them grow in so many different ways. Below is our Day Two Recap of our 2017 Conference. Day 1 is located here, and Day 3 is located here.  If you were an attendee, we hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane today, and if you're interested in joining us for 2018, register here.  Enjoy! This day started quietly, with everyone waking up at The Lee House, and going for a walk next to the bay, sipping coffee on…

How to Hone in on Creative Workflows, Skills and Style
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Read on as we ask Creative Founders in our community about their design journey and how they honed in on their creative workflows, skills and style!     We've asked experts in our in community - women we admire and who have so much knowledge to share - to contribute to this blog series titled Ask A Creative Founder. This week our founders talked to us about their design journey. We asked them tell us how they honed in on their creative workflows, skills and style. All so important for creatives! When it comes to starting a creative business, we all have been to the end of Google. Our contributors talk below about starting a creative business and the things that helped them. There is some great advice below on starting a creative business–from starting slow and small, to finding your signature style, bootstrapping it, not getting caught up in perfection, hard work, and making money. Read below…