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Six Ways to Enhance your Client Experience
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Your Client

How can you enhance your client experience today? We have six suggestions to help you, whether you are a service provider or product seller.   When it comes to your client experience, this is such an incredible way to change things for the people who purchase from you or spend time with you as you are designing something for them.  Whether you are a product seller or a service provider you can make such a tremendous difference in the way that an experience can be created from working with you. Client Experience is all about surprising and delighting your customers and clients all along the way, and below we have a few suggestions to help you get started in improving this for your business.     I often think of this moment with Cara from One Swell Studio  from one of our 2016 Conference Breakouts.  If you had a choice…

Finding Your Ideal Client
Filed under: Your Client

Ask A Creative Founder, our blog series highlighting creative founders in our community who share their industry knowledge, challenges and tips is back with more!     We've asked experts in our in community - women we admire and who have so much knowledge to share - to contribute to our blog series titled Ask A Creative Founder. This month's topic is: Tell us who your ideal client is and how you discovered them. It can take some time to discover who our ideal clients are, but when you do find them, you know who they are and what they need. Our contributors talk below about who their ideal clients are and how they found them. There is some great insight below on defining your ideal client–from finding them at conferences, to knowing what you can help them with. Read below to learn more about their thoughts on who their ideal clients are. BRITTANY GRIGGS WEBSITE  …