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How to use Instagram Polls for your Creative Business
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Your Marketing

Yes!  You can now run Instagram Polls through the Stories function of Instagram!     I have to admit, I got pretty excited when I saw this pop up under the "new" button for Instagram Stories.   (if you want to see our current poll, visit us on Instagram here!) When Instagram Polls came about, I knew that it would be something amazing and just might be shouting my excitement from the rooftop of my office! The way that polls work are pretty straightforward. Open up the stories section of your Instagram, add a background or a photo, and then swipe up to reveal the "stickers" where you'll see an option for "Poll". You then ask a question and set up two options with short captions where people can tap to vote, and then they can instantly see the results after. There are SO many ways you can use Instagram Polls by using this function,…

8 Components of a Marketing Plan
Filed under: Your Marketing

Do you have a good marketing plan? When you started your business, you may not have realized that marketing and advertising yourself can be a full-time job in itself. As a seasoned business owner, you probably spend as much time marketing yourself or your business as you do creating new services, products, or designs. Think back to when you first started your business. One of the first things you did was probably create an Instagram account and start posting. You probably had a target audience in mind but really at that point, it was just about getting followers and noticed. As a seasoned business owner you now know that there's much strategy behind marketing than that. Marketing is a catch-all word for other activities like advertising, branding, brand awareness, promotion, content marketing, social media marketing, packaging, positioning, promotions, and sales. Even customer service and product pricing fall under marketing. In…

Make This Your Breakout Year – Revenue and Marketing Strategy Tool
Filed under: Planning & Goal Setting, Your Marketing, Your Plan

We have a way of dreaming big, us creatives. Each year, you create your list of things that will get you closer and closer to your ideal lifestyle and business. If you’ve been running a creative business for awhile you know the beginning of the year brings "all the feels" of a fresh start, new ideas, and working on something huge! We all get that feel-good, nostalgic flood of emotions from resolutions, making plans, and celebrating accomplishments. By now, you probably have your plan created (at least I hope you do). You’ve hemmed in those starry-eyed dreams of creative world domination to a few awesome goals that are going to help grow your business. But you know it's time to buckle down. And if this is going to be your breakout year, you need to add some strategies to your plan that seasoned business owners use - something to tie up the loose ends of your…

Aligning Marketing With Sales and Yearly Goals
Filed under: Your Marketing

Aligning marketing with sales, revenue, and overarching goals is important for creative businesses. We’ve been talking about goals a lot lately. It’s one of our favorite things! At the beginning of each year, we dream and think about which of our 1,001 ideas we want to make happen this year. In creating your plan, you probably noticed that you created some marketing needs as well. You set your goals, which included revenue and sales, but now you have to figure out how to get people to buy, which is where marketing comes in. And you should be focused on aligning your marketing with your overarching goals.  Marketing experts have 2 habits when it comes to aligning marketing activity to yearly sales, revenue goals. #1 Marketing experts align marketing activities with the overarching organization revenue and strategic goals. Marketing should be included and connected in your goals from the beginning. Whether you’re…