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The 2017 Creative Founders Conference, Day 3 Recap!
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A look back at our 2017 Creative Founders Conference... In early March of 2017, 20 women walked through the doors of the Lee House for our 2017 Creative Founders Conference.  They were excited, nervous, and walked in knowing that so many things for their business were about to change. The next four days that transpired were some of the most memorable for the year, and it has been incredible to see them grow in so many different ways. Below is our Day Three Recap of our 2017 Conference. Day 1 is here, Day 2 is here, and Day 3 is below!  If you were an attendee, we hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane today, and if you're interested in joining us for 2018, register here.  Enjoy!   Day Three was perfect.  It was a bit less intense than Day 2, with more breaks purposely built into the day. …

September is not too early to start planning for 2018
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Now is the best time to plan for the upcoming year. It’s that time of year again. School is underway, the weather is probably getting cooler (depending on where you live), and the holidays are fast approaching (I know, I know—sorry to bring it up—but we all know it’s true!). Think about how you felt last year if you waiting too late to plan for the upcoming year. In the past, you may have waited until later in the year to do your annual planning, and I’m guessing you probably ended up feeling pressed for time with the holiday rush—parties are happening, last-minute gifts are being bought and wrapped, the kids are running around on a permanent sugar high during school break, and if you’re cranking out orders it may be your busiest season—and as a result, you only give planning a fraction of the attention it deserves. You end…

Make This Your Breakout Year – Revenue and Marketing Strategy Tool
Filed under: Planning & Goal Setting, Your Marketing, Your Plan

We have a way of dreaming big, us creatives. Each year, you create your list of things that will get you closer and closer to your ideal lifestyle and business. If you’ve been running a creative business for awhile you know the beginning of the year brings "all the feels" of a fresh start, new ideas, and working on something huge! We all get that feel-good, nostalgic flood of emotions from resolutions, making plans, and celebrating accomplishments. By now, you probably have your plan created (at least I hope you do). You’ve hemmed in those starry-eyed dreams of creative world domination to a few awesome goals that are going to help grow your business. But you know it's time to buckle down. And if this is going to be your breakout year, you need to add some strategies to your plan that seasoned business owners use - something to tie up the loose ends of your…

How to connect your vision with your goals – Goal Milestones
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This is lesson 3 of a four-part series called "Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time! Challenge" Class. You can read lesson 1 here and lesson 2 here. To learn more, read this post about the class. To join in, register here and get both the pre-challenge workbook and the Class Workbook (25 pages of awesome content to go from 1,001 ideas to your best ideas!). On to todays lesson! The new year is right around the corner. We have a family tradition around here of eating black peas and collard greens and watching football (it’s the south!). But we always start our morning watching the Rose Parade. My favorite part, other than the beautifully artistic floats, is seeing the marching bands. There is a ton of excitement for these kids. Many of them are traveling that length for the first time, plus they get to be on tv! Maybe I love it because I…