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A Note from Kristin as we Begin 2018
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Community, Conference, News

Hi everyone, and happy New Year! I wanted to start off the year with a short note from me to all of you.  The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, and it’s really hard to believe that it has only been four months since our Announcement, isn’t it?!  In this time, a lot of changes have taken place, some which have been visible, others which have been hours upon hours of work behind the scenes learning the ins and outs of how this business is set up.   And most importantly, you have been at the forefront for every single decision that has been made for Creative Founders moving forward. It is incredibly important to me that when you spend time with us, whether if it’s on our website reading a blog post, interacting with us on social media, attending our Conference or a webinar or…

Reviewing this Year Before Planning for 2018
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Community, Planning & Goal Setting, Your Plan

Before we start planning for 2018, it's important to review where we are now.  It’s December of 2017.  And everywhere we are turning, there are two main topics.  One:  The Holidays. Two: 2018. I love the potential that a new year brings, feeling like you’re starting fresh every year.  However, while we are planning for 2018 and what we want the year to encompass, I also think it’s important to take into consideration everything that happened this year, ask ourselves some questions, and build upon them as well.  So today, I wanted to give you a few questions to go through to reflect upon for the year, to ask yourself before setting your goals for 2018.   One:  What were some of your favorite memories within your business that happened in 2017, and what did you enjoy doing the most this year? It’s important to reflect on your favorite memories - what…

The Creative Founders Community Opens on December 1st!
Filed under: Community

This is an announcement that a few of you have been waiting for for a long time, and today, we can finally share it with all of you!  We believe that learning and community go hand in hand. So we created a place where you can learn together, on a monthly basis.  On Friday, December 1st, until Friday, December 8th, the Community will be open for everyone to join for the 2018 year!   We have a lot of exciting things planned, including Monthly Masterclasses taught by six of our Creative Founders Conference Alumni.  Our Community will be available to join at two "levels", both at a Basic Option and an Advanced Option. All women who become members of our Creative Founders Community at the Advanced Level will receive access to our Past Webinar Vault, which includes all of the replays available from our Fall Webinar Series and 20 additional…

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Apparel, Decor, and Mugs to Love
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Community

In honor of Small Business Saturday coming up, we are sharing thirty gift items from a few of our SCF Alumni, to help you to think of creative, fun, holiday, or happy gift ideas for so many people on your list. On Day 1 we specifically focused on items for the holidays and for gifts you can personalize.  See those here! On Day 2, we focused on items to keep you organized, in addition to highlighting pieces for your traveling and city loving friends. See those here! Today, our final day, we are giving you ideas for the women in your life, including apparel, decor, and mugs to love.  We hope you love what you see! Each maker, artist, or designer has included links to their specific items so that you can purchase directly from them.  Please remember to shop small this season, and we look forward to seeing you here…