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Nine Tips to get the most out of your Conference Experience
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Conference

Heading to a Conference this year? Read these nine tips to help you to get the most out of your Conference Experience! This time of year, a lot of people begin thinking about what they want to do, where they want to go, how to get the most out of their business for the year. And a lot of times, we get the strong desire to go to a conference for a variety of reasons.  Here at the Society for Creative Founders, we have our 11th Annual Conference  taking place eight weeks from now, April 15-18 in Pensacola, Florida! We wanted to write a post today filled with tips to help you to get the most out of your experience while you’re there, whether you are joining us at the Creative Founders Conference or another. We are hoping that these nine suggestions below will help you to get the most…

Call for Sponsors! | 2018 Creative Founders Conference
Filed under: Conference

  Would you like to see your product displayed at the Society for Creative Founders Conference and shared all over Social Media?  We're looking for sponsors and friends alike to add the little details that make a tremendous difference for our next conference in Pensacola, Florida, April 15-18, 2018. We are meticulous about the way your product is presented to our attendees. Every detail is addressed, and your product is paired with complementary items each morning at the attendees personalized seat, and photographed professionally as well. We love personalized items because attendees are more likely to use a personalized product over and over again, and they are reminded of you. Plus, they’re constantly sharing your information and their experience with your company in our private forums. We are always reminding them of our sponsors too. There are a limited number of sponsorships available for recommended vendors at the Society for Creative…

Tips for Planning a Mastermind Retreat
Filed under: Community, Conference, Planning & Goal Setting

  2018 has started off beautifully! This year, we held our first ever Alumni Mastermind Retreat for eight women who had joined us in previous years for the Conference, the Course, or the Intensive. To those who didn't come this time, don't worry! This will now will be an annual event.  We had such an amazing time and so of course, we wanted to share the experience with you!         We want this to be a post that you can use if you want to plan a mastermind retreat of your own too, so we have included a few tips and suggestions included throughout this post as well.  Having a mastermind can be pretty beneficial for yourself and your business friends, so even if you don’t know each other well beforehand, take the leap and plan one!  Every single one of us did different things in our businesses…

Creating a Loyal League with your Customers and Clients – Guest Post by Shunta Grant
Filed under: Conference, Guest Post, Your Client

  Customers and clients are at the center of every business and the most successful business owners strive not to simply acquire clients, but to create a loyal following that is committed to your brand and all that it represents.   I call this distinguished group of clients your “loyal league.”   It was cultivating a loyal league within Because of Zoe Designs that allowed me to walk away from the legal field and pursue entrepreneurship full time.  When you have this loyal customer base it leads to consistency and growth in not only your sales, but within your business as a whole.  As such, it is critical that every business strives to create lasting impressions with their customers and clients, transforming them from merely “one hit wonders” into members of your “loyal league.” I am thrilled to speak on the topic of Your Client at this years Creative Founders Conference. While…