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Daily Schedule Details for the Creative Founders Conference
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Complete details for each day of the Creative Founders Conference Yes, conferences really can be more than hotel rooms, hotel food, and awkward moments of entering a room where you know (literally) no one.   In fact, they can be transformational, full of content that you’ll refer back to over and over again (not stick in a drawer never to refer to again), instant camaraderie, and can help you approach your work with a greater sense of urgency and excitement.   They can actually give you all the answers and that mastermind-style squad you’ve been craving.   I created the Creative Founders Conference differently from other conferences. In fact, “conference” might not even be the word to describe it. It’s a retreat, a mastermind; a learning experience; kind of thing.   The way we’ve set up the flow of sessions is specifically so they build upon each other, so you…

Consistently Pay Yourself
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"I've been able to consistently pay myself, matching my old job and put money back in my business." A quote from one of our past Creative Founders Conference attendees about how our conference specifically helped her Creative Business. Registration for our 2017 conference is now open. Early bird rates are available through Nov 1 or until sold out! Learn more at societyforcreativefounders.com/2017conference

2017 Creative Founders Conference Speakers
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[video width="700" height="700" mp4="http://societyforcreativefounders.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Creative-Founders-Conference-SpeakerAnnouncements.mp4"][/video] We just announced our conference experience speakers live on our webinar tonight! We're so excited to have these women join us in March. 2 seats of 20 are already gone in just an hour. The replay will be up tomorrow for those of you who missed it. The basics of what you missed: how we walk you through our proven process to build a plan for your business. You leave with written goals and exactly how to reach them instead of a to-do list. This is for makers, artists, designers, illustrators, calligraphers, hand-letterers, fine artists, anyone creating their own product to sell and graphic designers, branders,and website designers. If that is you - make it happen - you need to join us. Registration is open RIGHT NOW! Reserve your seat for just $499. Kristin will join us and present Your Core, Bonnie will present Your Brand,…

Creative Founders Conference Info Webinar
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Register for our free webinar to find out if the Creative Founders Conference is right for you! If you’ve been interested in attending the Creative Founders Conference (formerly Stationery Academy), join us for a free webinar on October 10, 2016 at 8pm CST to learn more. This is a conference for stationery designers, gift product designers, graphic designers, artists, or makers, who create designs as a custom service, commissioned piece, or as part of a product collection, or who offer branding or website design services. We focus on refining the business side of your creative business. We’ll answer these popular questions about our conference: This is a big investment for me. How do I know if it’s a good fit for me? I just started my business, is this for people who’ve been in business for a while? / I’ve been in business for a while, is this a 101-level…