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Founder Spotlight Archive

Product Spotlight: The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair
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  Today on the Blog, we are sharing about a brand new product making it's debut tomorrow, The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair! Pre-Orders begin on Valentine's Day, and we are so excited this is finally out in the world after a long time of planning and creation.  Read all of the incredible details below, as written by Hope!  I'm Hope, the inky hands behind TLBC. I design wedding stationery for brides with an impeccable sense of taste. I believe in paper, words, and romance-and something beautiful happens when you combine them all. Be it a Jane Austen novel, a written note, or as you've assumed - wedding paper.  About a year ago, I felt like I heard God’s voice as He gave me a project that I am honored to have my hands on. Meet my passion project (drama-infused drumroll): The Wedding Guide: A…

For The Love Of Design
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We are so excited to talk to Stephanie Turner today for our Creative Founders spotlight! Stephanie is the designer behind Duffy Design Co., and invitation and custom design shop. She is a graduate of our Intensive Program and lives in Michigan. She has always loved design and after getting a degree in the medical field, decided to go after her passion and become a graphic designer. Read more about Stephanie's journey below!   Why did you start your creative business? What was the spark? Tell us your story.   From the time I entered high school as a freshman, I knew I loved to make things pretty. The world around me at that time was dark, scary, uncontrollable and ever changing. But, one thing that remained constant was my love of design. Back then, I don't even think I considered it "graphic design", it was just a part of me that I knew was never…

Finding A New Niche In The Planner Market
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We're so excited to highlight Carrie Postma, who is the Creative Founder behind The Codex Planner. Carrie is a graphic designer, mom to three teens and a graduate of the SCF Intensive Course. She created the Codex Planner to encourage a more intentional relationship with God. She saw a hole in the world of planners and so the Codex Planner was born! Read on to find out more about Carrie! Why did you start your business? What was the spark? Tell us your story. The spark that began my journey of creativity started when I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors. I spent a good majority of my childhood and into my adult life exploring all things creative. I graduated college with a degree in Interior Design but, somehow found my way into the world of graphic design. I had invested in a program that was way above my…

Implementing Systems and the Importance of Sharing Challenges
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Jennifer Elwell on implementing systems in your business and the importance of sharing challenges Welcome to our founder spotlight! As part of our new SCF community, we've asked a few of our members to be SCF advisors. We're highlighting them and this week, we are talking to Jennifer Elwell. Jennifer is the founder behind Tales of a Peanut, a place for planners and organizational charts for women. Introduce Yourself and tell us a little bit about you. Hey y’all! My name is Jennifer Elwell and I run a shop called Tales of a Peanut. I have lived in Alabama my entire life and, except for college, have lived in the northern part of the state. I currently live in Huntsville with my husband, Jason. We were high school sweethearts and we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this summer. We’ve got three children, Charlotte, James, and Hadley ranging from 7 to 2.…