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Product Spotlight: The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair
Filed under: Founder Spotlight, Guest Post, News

  Today on the Blog, we are sharing about a brand new product making it's debut tomorrow, The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair! Pre-Orders begin on Valentine's Day, and we are so excited this is finally out in the world after a long time of planning and creation.  Read all of the incredible details below, as written by Hope!  I'm Hope, the inky hands behind TLBC. I design wedding stationery for brides with an impeccable sense of taste. I believe in paper, words, and romance-and something beautiful happens when you combine them all. Be it a Jane Austen novel, a written note, or as you've assumed - wedding paper.  About a year ago, I felt like I heard God’s voice as He gave me a project that I am honored to have my hands on. Meet my passion project (drama-infused drumroll): The Wedding Guide: A…

Creating a Loyal League with your Customers and Clients – Guest Post by Shunta Grant
Filed under: Conference, Guest Post, Your Client

  Customers and clients are at the center of every business and the most successful business owners strive not to simply acquire clients, but to create a loyal following that is committed to your brand and all that it represents.   I call this distinguished group of clients your “loyal league.”   It was cultivating a loyal league within Because of Zoe Designs that allowed me to walk away from the legal field and pursue entrepreneurship full time.  When you have this loyal customer base it leads to consistency and growth in not only your sales, but within your business as a whole.  As such, it is critical that every business strives to create lasting impressions with their customers and clients, transforming them from merely “one hit wonders” into members of your “loyal league.” I am thrilled to speak on the topic of Your Client at this years Creative Founders Conference. While…

Marketing for your Creative Business with Amber Housley
Filed under: Conference, Guest Post, Your Marketing

  I don’t think there is an award for this — but this will be my fourth conference with the Society of Creative Founders! I feel pretty special to be returning again and sharing my love and expertise for marketing your creative business. A lifelong learner, I can’t think of a better way to better yourself and your business than attending conference and retreat experiences such as this one! When I started my stationery and wedding businesses in 2007, I intentionally sought out educational workshops and conferences. I knew that they held powerful insights and knowledge, not to mention the key to new networking and referral possibilities—so I signed up for as many as I could within my business budget. That meant I went to some absolutely amazing ones as well as a few that had room for improvement. The Creative Founders Conference, I can assure you, is a top…

A Five Step Marketing Plan for Shop Owners
Filed under: 6 Pillars, Guest Post, Your Marketing

A 5 Step Marketing Plan for Shop Owners Next week on Wednesday, November 15th the incredible Kelly Parker Smith of Hello World Paper Co. will be walking everyone through a Five Step Marketing Plan for Shop Owners. As a preview as to what her webinar will include, she's written a content-packed post below.  To join us on Wednesday for her free webinar, register here.  Enjoy this Guest Post from Kelly! Marketing is a broad term that gets tossed around a lot. There’s social media marketing, promotions, advertising, network marketing, and now influencer marketing and online marketing. It can all get a little jumbled, muffled, and to be honest, overwhelming, but if you take it one chunk at a time and decide what is best for you and your business it won’t seem so confusing. Marketing is defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including…