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Throwback Thursday Archive

Creative Business Conference
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Needing to stop and take a few days to dive into your creative business?  #ThrowbackThursday to our 2015 Creative Founders Conference in New Orleans. Our attendees are surely writing down all of the useful information that our speaker Natalie Chang is teaching them. Registration for our 2017 conference will be opening next week. Have questions about it? Register for our webinar on Monday, October 10th at 8pm CST and get all of your questions answered. We'll also be announcing our speaker panel. Don't miss it!

Throwback Thursday : Meeting In Person
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In this online world that we live in, meeting in person is so valuable. Our in-person conference in Pensacola is in March 2017, but registration opens up in October. We're so excited to get to see some of you in person! Photo by: Lenae Photography, from our 2014 Chicago SCF Conference.

Our creative conference swag isn’t just pretty, it builds community
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This place setting is from our Phoenix conference in 2015. What you see may just look like a lot of swag, but what you're really seeing here is a community. That cute pink bag holds all of the attendees' business cards so that they can keep in touch long after the conference is over. The hooray pennant, the tumbler, the mug, the wrapped package and coasters, are all from alums who send in items to share so that our attendees can feel the encouragement and support from our community. The stamp, pen, paper and the pencils are from our generous sponsors who take the time to personalize things for our attendees to show how great their products are, yes, but also to show them the possibilities of using their products. It may mean a new product line for a business. So what seems like stuff, is really a great way…

Our Conference Will Be In Pensacola Next Year
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Here is a #tbt from our 2016 conference in Pensacola last month, when all of our attendees received this beautiful print from Signet Sealed. Since we changed our name, we have had a lot of questions asking us if our conference is going away or if it will change. It's not! In case you missed our announcement earlier this week, it will be held in Pensacola again in March 2017 at the historic Lee House. For all of the details, click here.