Complete details for each day of the Creative Founders Conference

Yes, conferences really can be more than hotel rooms, hotel food, and awkward moments of entering a room where you know (literally) no one.


In fact, they can be transformational, full of content that you’ll refer back to over and over again (not stick in a drawer never to refer to again), instant camaraderie, and can help you approach your work with a greater sense of urgency and excitement.


They can actually give you all the answers and that mastermind-style squad you’ve been craving.


I created the Creative Founders Conference differently from other conferences. In fact, “conference” might not even be the word to describe it. It’s a retreat, a mastermind; a learning experience; kind of thing.


The way we’ve set up the flow of sessions is specifically so they build upon each other, so you can solidify your business’s future, in an easy and clear format (with worksheets!) that makes everything super easy to understand and process.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

I purposefully walk you through step-by-step so that you are doing the work during the 3 days we’re together and getting immediate, personal feedback, so you don’t leave with a to-do list as long as your arm and a notebook that will end up collecting dust on a bookshelf.


Day One:

  • Check-In
  • Introductions
  • Your Core
  • Your Client
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Dinner
  • Porch Chats


Day one is a half day for the Creative Founders Conference, allowing for travel and settling in, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get a lot of work done. We get to know each other, check in to our rooms and then dive right in.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

Together, we start with building your mission statement and uncovering your purpose and “why” with Kristin Wilson, who will present the Core session. This may seem like something trivial, but there is a lot of purpose-driven work that goes into building a business you absolutely love and look forward to doing every day.


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Amy Braswell, PaperFinch DesignI will say that I loved the Society for Creative Founders conference last year! It's in Pensacola in March - definitely have some amazing biz besties and accountability partners I made there!

Amy Braswell stationery and gift designer, Paper Finch Design January 4, 2017


If you struggle sometimes to tell people what you do, in a way that they understand it, you need to know your “why” behind it all. Building upon the things that matter most in your life, finding the necessary balance in the ebb and flow of business-ownership, and building upon what you know are all main parts of the amazing puzzle that is creating a business you love. The Creative Founders Conference will help you feel confident.


Then, I will talk about your ideal client, which I approach differently. Attracting the right customers comes with a carefully crafted message to your ideal client profile. You might feel like the profile you created is the star—the one you dream of helping, the one you create Pinterest boards about, the one you think about every time you create something new. But really, it represents more than that.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat 

If you’ve ever struggled with the concept of selling to just one idea client, we’ll help you figure it out by diving into your industry markets, target audiences, products and services you offer to identify your message. The Creative Founders Conference will help you tell your story.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

We end day one with cocktails (or mocktails, if you prefer)! Then, dinner under the stars, followed by some masterminding on specific topics related to your industry and craft.

Day 2:

  • Your Brand
  • Breakouts
  • Casual Lunch & Short Break
  • Breakouts
  • Your Money
  • Off-Site Local Dinner


Day 2 begins with building upon what you learned in the first two sessions of Core and Client with Bonnie Bahktiari. Bonnie will help you refine your brand so that that it resonates with your ideal client. You’ll build an intentional brand strategy to curate longevity, and an approach that stands for authenticity and profitability in your work.


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sarah-baumannIt was so totally worth the investment for me and I've been surrounded by such a strong group of fierce boss-ladies cheering me on for the last (Almost) year! my business has hugely boomed since the conference.

Sarah Baumann illustrator and artist, Signet Sealed January 4, 2017

If you’ve ever struggled with understanding how your love for many different things fits into just on brand and style, you’ll have a full understanding about how to incorporate your brand and signature style throughout all aspects of your business. The Creative Founders Conference will help you find your intrinsic style.


Before and after lunch and a short break, you can customize your learning experience with more specific breakouts like scaling your business, Instagram with Authenticity, Wholesale 101 & Creating Cohesive Collections round out our breakout sessions that you choose to be the best fit for your needs.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

We pick up the afternoon with something that would normally be something you avoid or dread: financials. We’re bringing in accountant Janet LeBlanc to help you feel good about your financials with an overview of taxes, talk about pricing & profitability, budgeting & financial goal-setting. Again, this may sound like a trip to the dentist, but we’re going to do the work right there, together. And I’ll reward you with cocktails afterward at a dinner off-site.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat 

If you’ve ever struggled with the financial part of your business – trust me, we all have – Janet will help you with all those questions you haven’t had time to ask your accountant or bookkeeper and you’ll understand it because it will be in plain English. The Creative Founders Conference will help you get your business numbers straight.

Day 3:

  • Your Marketing
  • Breakouts
  • Lunch
  • Creative time
  • Your Plan
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Departures and coaching sessions on Day 4

We’ll start our last full day, Day 3,  with marketing and your plan. I’ve asked Olivia Omega to join us again. She blew me away last year with her presentation. She’ll cover the difference between a marketing strategy and marketing tactics, then focus on your strategy and the big picture. You’ll see how all other aspects of your business (Core, Client, Brand, Money) relate to your marketing and begin to see your business plan and future come together.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat 

If you’ve always created marketing tactics on a whim, you’ll end up with a yearly marketing strategy that you can take home and use as the blueprint to map out individual tactics. The Creative Founders Conference will help you create your marketing plan and message.


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View More: of Creative Founders conference is absolutely incredible. You take away SO much from it and I still apply things daily that I learned - it is so much more than a conference, it is an experience that will help you to evaluate so much about your business (and personal details too!) in the best ways possible.

Kristin Wilson wedding invitation & stationery designer, Grace and Serendipity January 4, 2017

Before and after a casual lunch and short break, you’ll have the choice to customize your experience again by attending some breakout sessions like Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold and mapping out your individual marketing tactics. We even have some creative breaks included so you can give your brain a break and recharge.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

The last session is something you know a lot about already: planning. We did a lot of this work together this past week. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have more to offer in this final session at the conference. You’ve just had 3 days worth of diligent work culminating in new tasks, goals, to-dos, and ideas. You will have solidified your business’s future and created some big dreams and plans that need mapping out again.


You’ll be able to take all your learned and all your ideas from the conference and you’ll leave you with a plan – and completely executed action item list – so you feel good about going home to execute instead of having that “conference hangover” we’ve all had before.


Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

We end with a fun graduation dinner full of laughter, tears, and excitement as we all toast each other and prepare for our farewells in the morning.


The last half day is for checking out, hugging good-byes, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our experts. You can schedule an hour session with our speakers to gain even more clarity, direction and action items from their areas of expertise.


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emily-whitcherEverything about the Society for Creative Founders conference was worth the investment. It is small enough to be intimate yet enough "boss ladies" to get invaluable information. Every detail is top notch and thoughtful, including the curriculum and lessons shared by the kindest hearted business owners i've ever met. i have totally streamlined my business since and have a great grasp on who, what and where i want to be....and even have the tools and support group to follow that action plan! DO IT, you will NOT regret it! - Emily Witcher, stationery and gift designer, Ruff Draft Paper

January 4, 2017

Again, we’re doing the work during the sessions, so you can receive that instant feedback from your peers and our experts as you work through our workbook…instead of leaving with a to-do list and a conference hangover.

Creative Founders Conference - an restful but purposeful business strategy and planning retreat

The Creative Founders Conference helps stationers, Etsy shop owners, illustrators, and designers go from 1,001 ideas to getting clarity for the best ideas to execute by developing a clear direction for your business so you know where to go next.


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erin-williams-printable-crushCan not say enough about Society For Creative Founders. It changed the way I do business and gave me the boost I needed to rebrand. I like it because it's an intense 3 days...when you leave you'll have goals and a plan that's actionable, along with your core values. It's amazing and the people there are even more amazing (it's actually where I met Heather and heard about savvy). I HIGHLY recommend it for graphic designers or anyone in the creative industry.

Erin Williams blogger, Printable Crush January 4, 2017

The Creative Founders Conference will help you…

  • find out which of your ideas will be THE tipping point to break through your growth plateau.
  • feel in control and have clarity on exactly what to focus on for maximum impact.
  • work toward the end goal of being large enough of a brand that you can hire help and leave the management and the day-to-day stuff to a team, so you get to spend your days designing.



If you’ve taken online classes or attended other conferences before, and they haven’t helped – or you haven’t found the time to act on what you learned – this conference will help you answer all the questions you’ve spent hours researching on your own and will help you do the work and execute in our three days together.


You can read more testimonials from our conference here and view the journey’s of our alumnae in our Creative Founder Spotlight posts.