Ask A Creative Founder, our blog series highlighting creative founders in our community who share their industry knowledge, challenges and tips is back with more!


How to Find Your Ideal Client


We’ve asked experts in our in community – women we admire and who have so much knowledge to share – to contribute to our blog series titled Ask A Creative Founder.

This month’s topic is: Tell us who your ideal client is and how you discovered them.

It can take some time to discover who our ideal clients are, but when you do find them, you know who they are and what they need. Our contributors talk below about who their ideal clients are and how they found them. There is some great insight below on defining your ideal client–from finding them at conferences, to knowing what you can help them with. Read below to learn more about their thoughts on who their ideal clients are.

Brittany Griggs - Simply For Creatives - Ask A Creative Founder


Tell us who your ideal client is and how you discovered them, Brittany: My ideal client is a creative small business owner who has been in business over a year, knows how to reach their clients, and is passionate about their craft but can’t master their business finances. I happened to figure this one out while I was knee deep in running my own photography studio. Every time I went to a meetup, workshop or conference with other photographers and creatives, the conversation always went to things like pricing, budgeting, paying yourself and how it all works together.line_divider

Jackie Mangiolo - The Everyday Mother and Sincerely Jackie - Ask A Creative Founder


Tell us who your ideal client is and how you discovered them, Jackie: For Sincerely, Jackie My ideal client is somebody who knows what they like but still trusts me (as a professional) to guide them, appreciates craftsmanship, doesn’t cut corners, is open to brainstorming, and is just as interested in the overall experience I can provide in their wedding invitation process. My ideal client generally comes to me with an overall aesthetic and is open to then hearing my thoughts on achieving it.

For The Everyday Mother, my ideal clients are families with newborns who share the responsibilities of caring for their baby, who crave easy, practical organization, and who appreciate pen and paper. Basically, every new family, ha!

Kelsey Baldwin - Paper & Oats - Ask A Creative Founder


Tell us who your ideal client is and how you discovered them, Kelsey: My ideal client is a creative business owner who has been in business for a couple years, is becoming established in their field, but wants to scale their business with other revenue streams like digital products. They could be a man or a woman, but they are most definitely hard-working, a self-starter, and they think outside the box. They just need a little help to get them there.

Thanks so much for sharing more about your ideal client and how you found them! In our next post in this series, we’ll talk to our creative founders about their design journey! In the meantime, keep up with all of our creative founders through the links above.