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Our Community is the heart of the Society for Creative Founders. 

We believe that learning and community go hand in hand. So we created a place where you can learn together, on a monthly basis. We want to give you a place to build community and have conversations about items specific to you as artists, makers, and designers.  That is where our Community comes in.  With Groups, Resources, Challenges, and many different learning opportunities, we would love to have you join us in the Community.

Beginning in January 2018 we will have monthly masterclasses for our Advanced Community Members, taught by six of our Conference Alumni, on these various topics below.  Each month will include an interactive class followed by  weeks of goal-setting inside of groups inside of our Community itself – no more setting goals without someone to guide you along as you make steps to build a better business.

 Included in the Community Membership:

Community Group

Join our free Community group filled with creative founders looking to grow their business while creating meaningful friendships.   We have focus groups monthly, which pair with our Founder Classes and more.

Member Directory

Share about you and your business and connect with other members.  Each member has a place to include their profile, social media handles, a mini bio, and more.

Resources + Downloads

Access to a valuable list of tried-and-true resources we can’t do business without. This includes free downloads, access to past challenges, and numerous resources as a part of the Advanced Membership. 


Past Webinar Vault

Webinar recordings to help you learn and grow at your own pace within the 6 Pillars. You will have access to 30+ of our past webinar recordings, with new ones added every quarter.

Monthly Classes

Community members have access to monthly masterclasses taught by experts that encourage you to take realistic steps toward a healthier, more successful business while teaching you new skills. We’ll have a new class each month.

Annual Mastermind Retreat

All Community Members have the option to apply for an annual mastermind retreat with Kristin and seven other Community Members.

2018 Masterclasses Included in your Membership:



Creating Products from a Heartfelt Place, and saying goodbye to the concerns with Comparison


Led by Lisa Funk of Handlettered Design


How to Use Video to Highlight your Products, and learn Stop-Motion Video while we’re at it!


Led by Sarah Baumann of Signet Sealed


How to Weatherproof your Business


Led by Amy Braswell of Paperfinch Design 



How to Use Seasonal Marketing in your Business


Led by Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats



Your Money Toolkit + Organizing Your Finances, Continued


Led by Janet LeBlanc of Paper and Spark



A Mid-Year Review + Planning for the Remainder of 2018


Led by Kristin Wilson of Creative Founders

Our July – December Classes Will be shared in early summer 2018


Join us HERE inside of the Community, with either a QUARTERLY or ANNUAL  Membership.


You’re a Creative Founder If:

  • You are a maker, artist, or designer selling private-label products or personalized items of your own, or offering custom design services. You may have an Etsy shop, online shop, retail space, or virtual space, and consider yourself in the stationery and gift, branding, weddings or design industries.
  • You run a creative business, whether it’s your side hustle or your full-time job.
  • You’re ready to start thinking more strategically about various aspects within your business to help it to grow.
  • You value community, knowledge, and originality and have an open, generous spirit (no competition here).
  • You are searching for community beyond free Facebook groups, craving a true connection with people who speak your language.
  • You want to invest in other creative founders and in true, meaningful business friendships.
  • You want to make your business work—and you’re looking for confidence, focus, clarity, encouragement, and support along the way.

But You Also:

  • Get frustrated searching far and wide for answers that don’t always satisfy you.
  • Have 1,001 ideas—but you’re not always sure where to focus your time and attention.
  • Don’t feel like you know anyone (or enough folks) who truly gets what you’re trying to create.
  • Have gotten tired of asking questions in free groups only to get wildly varying answers from people who don’t actually know you or your business.

Our Community is different.

We don’t allow promotion or selling. We expect that you may eventually want to work with someone from the group, but it will be because a natural relationship unfolded, not because you were bombarded with offers and pitches.

We understand that when you’re learning something, you want to talk about it— so each FounderChallenge will have its own collaboration section where anyone who’s working on that content can ask questions, connect, and find support.

We believe in our Community and we spend time on it. You’re not left to fend for yourself — Kristin and a curated set of Ambassadors are available and active in the groups to lend the guidance and support you need. We believe no comment or question should go unanswered.

We let you get in and out without getting distracted. We know how it is to open up Facebook these days—you might be hopping on to search for one thing in a specific group, and you end up getting sucked into your feed for half an hour or more. Not the case with our dedicated member site! Get in, get out, and get on with your day (or linger a while if you like!).

We ground our training opportunities in a proven system we call The Six Pillars of a Successful Creative Business. These are: Your Core, Your Client, Your Brand, Your Money, Your Call, and Your Plan.

We believe in the power of an environment where you feel safe to share your struggles and your victories, all while gaining the knowledge and skills you need to move your business forward.

Kristin Wilson, owner


We understand you because we are you.


Hi! Kristin here, the owner + creative behind the Society for Creative Founders and behind this community of incredible women who are business owners.  I have found that I often switch the words and say “we” instead of “I” because Creative Founders is what we all are – I am only one person  in this amazing group of women, and love that I get to foster and nurture relationships and strengthen knowledge as everyone’s business grows.

When I took my business full time as a wedding designer, while I loved what I was doing, it was very lonely, going from being surrounded by people to all by yourself, with learning through a lot of googling and quiet research as I tried to learn new things.  One evening, when one of those fateful Google searches landed me upon the Stationery Academy website (what you now know as the Society for Creative Founders), I knew that this was different.

There is nothing else like this community, and I want to welcome you with open arms into a place that is here to give you the tools, knowledge, and encouragement that you need in order to grow your business like a creative founder, developing your business into one that stirs your soul with happiness and confidence every single day.

Over the last three years, I have been working alongside our Founder, Jennifer Faught, and there is something so unique about what the Society for Creative Founders encapsulates.  I am so glad that you are here, feel honored for SCF to potentially become a bit of your story, and can not wait to see how this amazing community will help you to grow and feel supported by other women both in business and beyond.

I hope you’ll join me along with fellow creative founders in this exciting new place where women support women in business—and in life.


Join us HERE inside of the Community, with either a QUARTERLY or ANNUAL  Membership.

“I wholeheartedly agree with Cara's assessment that the SCF Conference is not a 101 course. I gained a wealth of knowledge from the content of the sessions themselves. Though I have attended several creative conferences in the past, I found myself working through exercises that were totally new to me and had a huge impact on the way that I now think about my business. The breadth and depth of the content genuinely exceeded my expectations. Each minute was used intentionally for learning and community; there was no wasted time. Furthermore, the community was outstanding. In the last week, I have already partnered with another small business on a logo project and know that there will be further opportunities to collaborate.”

Alex Estes, Prairie Letter Shop

Alex Estes, Prairie Letter Shop

“I loved becoming part of such a creative and inspiring community of other creatives. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging with helping me dig deeper and discover my business goals. These connections have made the decision to become a part of the Society for Creative Founders one of the best decisions of my life.” 

Cairre Wiley, Elle Designs

Cairre Wiley, Elle Designs

“So. Much. Knowledge. Enough knowledge that I'll be sorting through it for weeks to come. That much information could easily be overwhelming, but the leaders organized it in a really easy and clear format (with worksheets!) that made everything super easy to understand and process. For the first time, I feel confident in my work, confident in my brand, and confident in the possibilities of the future. Hearing everyone's stories and their personal journeys opened my eyes to the fact that we are ALL unique and we are ALL worthy.” 

Amy Braswell, PaperFinch Design

Amy Braswell, PaperFinch Design




We are Creative Founders.

The Society for Creative Founders is made up of dreamers, makers, thinkers, artists, creatives just like you—and just like us.

We built the Creative Founders based on our own experiences with (and need for) an environment where learning and community work together to help women grow their businesses.

Learn more about the Creative Founders—and the founder behind it—right here!

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