Product Spotlight - The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair


Today on the Blog, we are sharing about a brand new product making it’s debut tomorrow, The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair! Pre-Orders begin on Valentine’s Day, and we are so excited this is finally out in the world after a long time of planning and creation.  Read all of the incredible details below, as written by Hope! 

I’m Hope, the inky hands behind TLBC. I design wedding stationery for brides with an impeccable sense of taste. I believe in paper, words, and romance-and something beautiful happens when you combine them all. Be it a Jane Austen novel, a written note, or as you’ve assumed – wedding paper.  About a year ago, I felt like I heard God’s voice as He gave me a project that I am honored to have my hands on. Meet my passion project (drama-infused drumroll):

The Wedding Guide: A Devoted Wedding Planner for a Mindful Marriage

Product Spotlight - The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair

The Wedding Guide is wedding planner meets journal meets prayer meets etiquette and all kinds of things in between. I took a survey from all my past brides and everyone had some sort of notebook or binder, sure!

I discovered the lack of some common threads – wedding planners are intimidating! …overwhelmed with too much direction, not enough open space to simply write …and almost everyone relied on the quick internet search for etiquette guidance.

I was spoken to – what seemed directly from the Good Lord himself – I have to design a planner that teaches brides not only *how* to plan and design, but one that sort of shuts out the noise. Because Pete’s sake, we know there’s enough of that (Pinterest overflow, amiright? ….it’s amazing and a curse)!

Product Spotlight - The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair

Why did you design it in this way?

I took an alternative approach on the design of this planner. Can you imagine how a business would build a brand statement or how an interior designer would create a mood board? The very introduction of the planner mirrors this very process – allowing couples to solidify what tells THEIR story – their “wedding statement” if you will.

Through an engaging series of steps, you discover your originality and you can do it without comparing your wedding to anything you’ve ever seen before!

I’ve been using pieces of this same process for my brides as we prep for their stationery design and it’s been a gem of a practice.

The chapters that follow the intro guide you to split the overall engagement length into four quarters that allow the bride to Simply. Plan. Because planning out the average year-long engagement is a lot to think about as a whole. Breaking it all up *too* much creates a lot of pressure. BUT, breaking the engagement’s length into four quarters – no matter how long your season of engagement is – became the perfect balance of prioritizing your planning. Each chapter provides a glimpse at what’s coming with a blank slate for you to prioritize your current quarter.

The back portion of The Wedding Guide acts as your “go-to” section for A-Z etiquette – from the ceremony details to the proper ways to address an envelope (and everything in between). This tool alone was one of the most needed or researched items as I pooled past brides for “what would you have like?” answers.

Perhaps most importantly though, this planner is intertwined with devotionally styled prayer prompts to build a foundation, the core of the engagement, as the couple prepares for the utmost celebration held in their honor – the marriage! …because that’s what we’re all here for anyway, right?!


Product Spotlight - The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair

How did you keep your brand consistent with your product?

I have a narrow niche. If I were a recipe, I would be kneaded dough mix of antique collections, a scrap paper hoarder, never short on ideas, inky hands, a healthy dose of Anthropologie browsing, all the flowers, and the southern, salty, gulf coast air.

My brand has become a similar mix of little tokens of affection from the handmade paper selections, my near century-old printing press, and assembly details as romantic as the hand-painted Anthropologie addiction of coffee cup in my cupboard. Details matter – both big and small. I live for a neutral color pallet and cannot have enough greys.

When I designed this planner, it became nothing short of the same concoction of emotions that root my entire existence. Linen cover? By all means. White gold foil printing, hand-drawn illustrations, double ribbon markers (because two simply is not enough) – lead the way. I kept this planner perfectly inline with my brand’s recipe because I wouldn’t know how to NOT – from the content to the aesthetics. Details matter – both big and small – and my heart is beating in every page.

Product Spotlight - The Wedding Guide by Hope Johnson of The Little Blue Chair

Why did you feel the need to create this product for your Clients?

My clients often come to me during the “honeymoon phase” of their engagement. Not the actual honeymoon, that’s later, but the “no stress” zone. They’ve gotten the big things taken care of but haven’t gotten down to the nitty-gritty. It was out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Towards the end of our time together, I began to see a snowball effect of stress build up and the initial excitement fade.

This season of engagement is ever-so-short. It’s the preface to your whole story! I want my brides – and all brides and grooms – to mindfully plan their wedding as if they were building the foundation for their marriage. This is the ultimate celebration, right? This one big entire event was brought to you as irrevocably as your future spouse was brought to you. It would be heart-breaking to not soak up every. little. ounce. of enjoyment.

And for that reason, I felt there was a strong need for a planner that guided brides, and grooms alike, to do just that: a devoted wedding planner for a mindful marriage.

Hope, we can not WAIT for this to be out in the world, and know it will be a tremendous success for you!

Pre-orders officially launch on Valentine’s Day …  head on over to Hope’s Website HERE for first dibs!

Photography by Quaint and Whim